I am a big fan of Angel Aquino or Angelita Velasquez Aquino off the cam. She was born in Baguio on Feb. 7 1973. Before entering the show business, Angel took Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.

This gorgeous-true-pinay-beauty is now playing the role of an evil step-mother in “Magkaribal”. IMHO she is doing her best for her role as a ‘kontrabida’, it’s hard according to her.

I just love the fact that this gorgeous hot momma is also a fan of Benefit Benetint. Hahaha. I stumbled it in cosmo.ph. I like her super…

source: http://www.cosmo.ph/style-beauty/whats-in-my-bag/what-i-kontradiva-i-angel-aquino-brings-with-her-on-the-set/gallery/