Commuters’ Guide
We are solely responsible in taking care of ourselves and our belongings when we are commuting or in a public place, especially during this Christmas season. Almost everyday there are different stories about thieve, holdup and robbery. Robbers are aware
Internet Connection
For me internet connection is a big deal. I’m working as a search engine optimizer, so my career is badly rely on the internet connectivity. Until now I don’t know yet who is the best internet service provider, is it
Condo Living
Part of urban life is the condo living. I have known a few colleagues that are now enjoying the benefits of living in a condominium here in the city. One of the important things they considered is the security. Condominiums
John and Yoko…
I’m not a fan of Japanese food, to be honest I don’t eat raw foods ‘coz I can’t digest it just right. But my officemates insisted to dine in a Japanese cosmopolitan resto at Greenbelt. I found myself eating sushi,