News Release: Ensembles Sultry Summer
Summer is a time for whimsy getaways and of course, sun-kissed skin! Strut into summer, with a fun and flirty spirit! Ensembles Collection for Summer 2011 highlights very girly, bright and incredibly vibrant colors that will heighten the glowing effect
ACE Vintage Clutch Bag
I have a brown vintage clutch bag which is less-than-a-decade older than me. The clutch bag is 31 years old. My father bought it in Saudi Arabia when he was working there, he got it for only 800 pesos (already
Fashion: Sweater from Forever 21
Ladies, this piece is a must have! A cute sweater from Forever 21 which part of their February collection. Perfect for cold weather, just like these past few days. This sweater cost P1175! For more items: Visit their Fan page
Fashion: Warm and Fuzzy Boots
Wearing boots is one of my frustrations here in the Philippines. In a place where there is no such winter-wonderland, boots are really off and unnecessary, unless it is made of plastic or rubber that is really good for rainy
Ipanema Flip Flops
Thanks to ELRO for the gift certificate, this is my 4th pairs of Ipanema. All of my previous Ipanema flip flops are still in good condition. Now, I’m so excited for summer…