As a parent, my role is to hone my kid’s talent, as well as to support her activities related to it. Learnpoint Kiddie School of Infanta held its annual “Festival of Talent” showcasing the talent of its students last March
Whenever I get bored from working or stressed out, I often prepare dessert for the family. Diverting from work mode to chef mode is easy as my working area is pretty near the kitchen. Mango float is obviously my favorite!
Another fun way to celebrate birthday is to have some Gelato! Thanks Cerizzy for the treat. Trivia: Do you know that Gelato is an ancient Italian frozen dessert that’s made from milk, cream, various sugars and flavoring including fruits and
I am Earle’s Delicatessen super fan! I love their stuffed breads, especially the Mushroom Chicken Pesto (yummy). At first, I was hesitant to buy the raw pack of stuffed bread, because I’m afraid that it would taste differently if I’m the
Goldilocks Graduation Cake
Graduation is right around the corner! Be the first to congratulate your graduate for all the hard work they’ve done with a Goldilocks’ Choco Orange Greeting Cake! Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop, has given our graduates a reason to