Sinigang – The Ultimate Filipino Dish
Festive event with sumptuous fare unveils choices. Others in the running-‘adobo,’ ‘bulalo,’ chicken ‘inasal,’ crispy ‘pata,’ ‘daing na bangus,’ ‘kare-kare,’ ‘pancit canton,’ ‘pinakbet,’ ‘sisig’ IT’S FINALLY REVEALED.
Bo's Coffee – Tiramisu and Strawberry Shortcake
The dulcified Bo’s Coffee – Tiramisu is an Italian sponge cake drenched in espresso and rum, layered with whipped mixture of egg, cream cheese and sugar, and topped with cocoa. While the delicious Strawberry Shortcake of Bo’s Coffee is an alternating layers of delicate sponge cake and luscious strawberry whipped cream, then decorated with whole strawberries dipped in dark chocolate.