Churros with Hot Chocolate | Dulcinea
First, what is churro? Churro or commonly known as Spanish doughnut, are fried-dough pastry-based snacks, sometimes made from potato dough that originated in Madrid, capital of Spain. These are usually knotted and are normally eaten for breakfast dipped in hot
Bo’s Coffee Sugar-free Strawberry Freeze
A guilt-free treat for a health-conscious market nowadays! After the launching of Bo’s Coffee Sugar-free New York Cheesecake last 2008, Bo’s Coffee proudly introduces their new addition to the sugar-free product line up, the Strawberry Freeze. This healthy yummy beverage
Commuters’ Guide
We are solely responsible in taking care of ourselves and our belongings when we are commuting or in a public place, especially during this Christmas season. Almost everyday there are different stories about thieve, holdup and robbery. Robbers are aware
Internet Connection
For me internet connection is a big deal. I’m working as a search engine optimizer, so my career is badly rely on the internet connectivity. Until now I don’t know yet who is the best internet service provider, is it
Condo Living
Part of urban life is the condo living. I have known a few colleagues that are now enjoying the benefits of living in a condominium here in the city. One of the important things they considered is the security. Condominiums