I am an ‘occasional drinker’ since I was in College (err even when I was in High School). I am not that picky, I can drink whatever is available from hard, beer, cocktails and even lambanog.

Through the years of drinking, cocktail drinks are my favorites. I am so glad when Ginebra San Miguel launched their new vodka, the Antonov Vodka Apple mixed drink.

Antonov Vodka Apple is a clear premium Vodka-based mixed drink infused with apple extracts and flavors. This premium-vodka cocktail is 5% alc/vol, is ready to drink, and is making waves as the new beverage of choice for the trendy drinking crowd.

Manila’s hottest clubs and bars is not complete without good vibes, hot beats, and cool cocktails. Premium vodka brand Antonov is finding itself the talk of the clubbing scene, as their new Antonov Vodka Apple mixed drink is fast becoming the toast of the “it” crowd.

True enough, Antonov’s Vodka Apple is making its presence felt in the A-list party scene, as it sponsored several high-profile events attended by the metro’s elite. One of these events was the recent Metro Weddings’ Samsung Metrowear fashion show, featuring the collection of top designer Cary Santiago, and attended by chic celebrities and fashionistas. Antonov likewise heated up the party atmosphere of Cosmo’s 10th annual Bachelor Bash, as its open bar treated giddy hipsters to Antonov Vodka Apple cocktails all night.

If you haven’t tried an Antonov Vodka Apple yet, don’t miss out on the fruity fun—as Antonov’s catchy promo goes, “take a bite!”