It’s been a month since I switched from an Android smartphone to Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone 6 S Plus, but I’m still familiarizing with its features. Well, here’s a not-so-techie feedback from an ordinary work-at-home-mom. First of all, my
Digital signage has evolved throughout the years, from a simple electronic one-way communication tool to a digital interactive medium. Many marketers find it as an effective communication tool to advertise, inform and engage at a definite time and place. These
Many businesses are adopting the digital signage as a modern replacement to some traditional media. This type of advertisement can be seen in many hotels, airports, restaurants, retail stores and others. Digital signage provides an audio-visual presentation that can be
Technology changes the way we live every single day. And as it innovates, we need to keep abreast. Nowadays mostly everything is digital, from appliances to gadgets, educational materials, medical equipments, etc. Even socialization and communication turned digital. Therefore, businesses
My BlackBerry smartphone just resigned before Christmas day. And I realized that fixing its hardware is not practical at all. So I patiently waited until I got my much-awaited-Christmas-bonus to get a new one. Since I’m not really into high-end