I’ve been drinking green tea for quite long, but I never experience something like what I had while sipping Bo’s Coffee’s Matcha Tea Freeze.

At first, you won’t recognize the tea-like taste, but when you gulp it, the real green tea-taste will be rich and vibrant. The tea-taste is much stronger than the cream, which is kinda unique. Matcha tea tastes really great, it taste a little sweeter and a bit tangy.

Matcha tea is powdered green tea made from premier plants that are shaded. It is renowned for its use during the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Established in China, it has been used in Japan for over 800 years.

Matcha is also known as Maccha, rubbed or powdered tea, powdered green tea and Japanese Ceremonial tea. It is generally costly compared to other forms of tea, although its price depends on its quality.

Experience the Matcha, visit the nearest Bo’s Coffee and soothes your thirst. Matcha is available whether hot or cold.