We are solely responsible in taking care of ourselves and our belongings when we are commuting or in a public place, especially during this Christmas season. Almost everyday there are different stories about thieve, holdup and robbery.
Robbers are aware that most of us are busy having our Christmas shopping, they are also aware that we already got our 13th month pay and Christmas bonuses. In their quick eyes we are very much enticing, wrong move may lead to our not-so-merry Christmas and a broke new year.

Here are some tips for commuters:

When you’re in a PUJ/PUB

Most of the robbers prefer busses/jeepneys because it is often crowded which people come and go. If you’re a PUJ/PUB commuters make sure you always distribute bills or coins in your pockets and bags, do not flaunt your gadgets like cellphone, psp, ipod and the like, put your eyes on your belongings and be vigilant to other passengers. If you sense that the next person to you has bad motive, leave the PUJ/PUB immediately or call someone’s attention.

When riding in a CAB

In this case it is hard to distinguish if the cab driver is a bad guy, cab driver is also cautious that they might victimize by robbers (acting like passengers) too. Just bear in mind, lock all the doors, if you’re alone sit at the back of the driver and relax. Copy all necessary information such as plate numbers, telephone numbers and the name of the cab. If you have mobile phone, send the information to your friend or family member just in case. I personally choose MGE, R n E and Basic cab rather than white taxi (generic white cab).

Crowded MRT/LRT

I have my own MRT story… Oh well, better hold the zipper of your bag when you’re inside the train, don’t flaunt your gadgets too. Thief in MRT dressed like a professionals too, so we would not think them as a robber. Don’t put your wallet at the back pockets of your pants and even cellphones. Their modus operandi is the usual “AGAW EKSENA”. Once they called the attention of the other passengers they can easily get what they want from you.

Everyday we encounter bad people with different modus operandi, just take care.


Text LTFRB with your bad driver’s plate number or cab name and the reason behind! Text number 09214487777.

Tel. No. 9257191