Ladies, I know most of us still eager to have life even after eight hours of work. Each day, we are looking forward to lurk around, meeting old friends, dinner with our special someone, and even partying. It is just fortunate that not all of us wear uniform at work. And for those who aren’t wearing uniforms, here are my after six fashion tips.

Starting with accessories, with the right choose of trinkets and ornaments, a simple outfit can transform into fabulous one. Don’t lay all your accessories in one outfit. Pick what will work best and what will complement your outfit.

Grab your best bag that can accommodate office stuff and won’t be that huge for partying. Women’s bags are absolute necessity for a modern woman, and many women feel completely lost without it. Some can afford to invest on designer’s bag, but many of modern woman settled patronizing fashionable bags. It’s funny yet interesting that bag alone can instantly create a statement and can merely describe the owner.

When it comes to footwear, you must take into consideration what kind of gathering to attend, would it match to your outfit and most of all, are you comfortable wearing that pair. If it’s a casual gathering, like dinner, malling, or a movie date try wearing wedge or flats. If it’s a cocktail party, an office affair or other formal events, consider stilettos, peep toe, platform heels and others. Heels convert ladies from simple into glamorous. It also adds power, wearing heels is another thing a girl can do that most guys aren’t capable of doing.

Fashionable women’s clothing is everywhere. You must know to pick flattering clothes for your body. Nowadays, fashionable clothes can be purchased online, if you are looking for something casual yet fab, going out tops from is a must try. They have wide selection of women’s clothing that you can take into consideration.


Simple yet Fab, perfect for office event

Fit for Malling, Simply Shopping with Friends

Sophisticated! Perfect for Dinner Date

Anything goes!

Cocktail Party

Best for Bar Hopping!

Girls, bear in mind that we should respect and obey our company’s working ethics, for that you can still put cardigan or anything to cover provocative outfit when at work, just take it off when you are away of the premise.