“The same: but lame, and lame because the same,” this is the frequent review for the Hangover Part II because according to them it was a trying-hard sequel of the Hangover by Todd Phillips. However, I disagree to that lame thingy. I may not be able to watch the first Hangover, but I knew the story already. My hubby told me the story after he watched it, in detailed.

Many of the critics said that they used the same formula, but for me, as long as the sequel still manages to deliver laughs, there is no problem with me. The movie entertained me so much; I’m laughing to death while watching diverse scenes. Seriously, whether they used the old formula, they still tickled my funny bone that time, as well as my hubby.

I love their tandems, actually all of them are hilarious, however, these two guys are my favorites — Zach Galifianakis was great as the weirdo brother-in-law named Alan and Ken Jeong was the abusive comedy gangster Mr. Chow, also the adorable Monkey who trained to sell drugs.

The Wolfpack outrageous-amnesiac-adventure is effin’ hilarious, although some nudity, act of drug deals and wrong-doings revealed in the film may reflect to Bangkok negatively.

The Hangover Part II without a doubt has its moment and was able to give us few big laughs. Maybe the edge of the movie is the lame thingy. ; )

Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis

Directed by:
Todd Phillips