I first met Nivea when I was like five years old. The first Nivea product that I have seen was the Nivea Creme. I noticed that it was a typical balik-bayan pasalubong back then. My relatives were using Nivea Cream that time, especially my grandmother who trusted it for years.

I started to be conscious about my skin, hygiene and over-all-look during my teenage years, and I am glad that Nivea is always there providing solutions to my daily needs. I used Nivea Milk lotion for the longest time, I also tried Nivea Deodorant spray, Nivea Visage line, among others.

During summer season, I always bring Nivea Sunblock lotion and moisturizer everywhere I go. When I get married, I noticed that my husband uses Nivea Aqua Cool Deodorant spray, and he is using it since 2003. Now that I have a baby girl, I also want Nivea to be part of her life, so I keep on buying Nivea Baby soap for her delicate skin.

Nivea Sunblock

Hubby and his empty deodorants

My daughter playing empty Nivea deodorant containers of her daddy

Truly, Nivea is part of my life until today. Happy 100 years Nivea!

So, what is your Nivea Story?

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