I finally got my first batch of Human Nature products. Hooray!

I’ve known Human Nature for quite sometimes as its products obtained nice feedback in forums, social media and even from just word-of-mouth. However, I failed to buy its product when I was in Manila, which I don’t know why.

Recently, my friend PMed me saying she just registered to become a Human Nature dealer. I replied expressing enthusiasm on Human Nature products and to the fact that I can buy from her.

I ordered Bug Spray or the mosquito repellant spray forĀ  my daughter since Off Lotion is not advisable for daily use. I also got myself a lip balm without tint as I always have chapped lips. Last but not the least is the hand sanitizer which I need when I’m traveling.

So far, I’m getting nice feedback about the brand as I posted these products on my Instagram. The Bug Spray seems to be the favorite and cited to be very effective, while others commended the scent of Human Nature hand sanitizer. For me, I love the lip balm which I’m using day and night.

I’m so excited to try other Human Nature products such as its body lotion, facial scrub, makeup among others. Effective, safe and affordable products!