Stories about love, betrayal and revenge are invariably touching many people, that’s why it’s not surprising that the South Korean television series, The World of the Married captured curiosity of Kdrama fanatics not just in Korea, but even here in the Philippines. The series is based on BBC’s Doctor Foster, however, the Korean adaptation starring Kim Hee-ae, Park Hae-joon and Han So-hee is more stylishly-executed.

The World of the Married which is presently airing in Korea recorded the highest viewership ratings ever by any drama in the country’s cable network history with 24.33% on May 2. The 4 remaining episodes are rated 19+ in order to realistically execute characters’ escalating tensions.

Contrary to the typical “legal wife vs kabit teleserye” in the Philippines, The World of the Married is a classy psychological thriller series, which throws a whirlwind of emotions to the viewers.

Some of my friends find the first few episodes a bit draggy, while others love the fast-paced plot, saying it can be ended on the 6th episode.

As of writing, there are 4 episodes to wait. JTBC’s The World of the Married air time is every Friday and Saturday, 22:50. There are so many spoilers posts online, if you merely wish to read the written recap before watching, go to Drama Milk. The World of the Married recap is up around midnight after it has been aired in South Korea. The raw video is usually uploaded right after its airing, but the English sub-title is only ready in the morning.

If you haven’t already seen it, it’s not on Netflix! I first viewed it on Dramacool, then eventually numerous Facebook Kdrama groups uploaded its episodes. You can also watch The World of the Married on Viu.

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