I can’t deny the fact that I’m a certified B.B Cream addict. Seriously, I can’t go out without it. B.B Cream easily became part of my daily routine. Wash. Tone. B.B Cream. Make-up. Done!

Dr. Jart was my first B.B, it was awesome. Dr. Jart is loved, but it’s pricey. When I’m running out of B.B cream, I tried to find a cheaper one, if it works for me I will not buy another Dr. Jart, kase nga it’s mahal.

I bought Maybelline B.B Cream for 249.00 pesos only. Price is one of the main factors that I take into consideration when buying make-up. In addition, Maybelline B.B Cream has this very good coverage. It covers and reduces some skin imperfection such as dark acne marks, minimize dark eye circles and it makes my face look fresh and healthy. It brightens and evens my skin.

Application is so easy, squeeze some BB Cream and gently blend it using your fingers. It has SPF 26 and can be use as a daily moisturizer.


Maybelline B.B Cream has one shades for all. This unique selling proposition made me think twice, what if that promise isn’t true? But glad it works well. Maybelline is loved!