Mommy Dionisia's Hermes Bag

Fans and critics of Aling Dionisia Pacquiao are so thrilled to see what kind of Hermes Bag she received from her son and her daughter-in-law. The controversial Hermes bag serves as a birthday gift, and the previous press release is it costs a million.

She didn’t reveal the gift during the party; instead, she unveiled it on National TV with Korina Sanchez. I can hardly tell what kind of Hermes Bag it is, but it looks like an Orange Garden Party Hermes Bag that only cost $2700, more or less 100,000.00 only. Just 1/10 of a million, not even close to half.

Parang ganto hitsura eh

Hmmm, it seems that her daughter-in-law get her there. : )

Disclaimer: I’m not sure ah, parang ganto lang yung nakita ko sa TV



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