I love to shop, it just sad and very unfortunate that not all the time I have the money to splurge. I accepted the fact that I need to work hard and live within a very tight budget because I’m a mom already.

I have proven to myself, for so many times  that shopping is my cure to boredom, stress and sadness even to my morning sickness. It just so happen that I was not born with a silver spoon.

Enough of my rants about being unfortunate-poor-shopaholic! This is what I want and dreamt for so long, to be a Professional Shopper. Shopping not for me, but for a client with a specific budget, requirements, needs, preference, but do not have enough time and patience raiding stores, falling in line,  and carrying bags under the heat of the sun, plus the hassle and traffic.

I am glad that I have passion for fashion, master’s degree in haggling (lol) and blessed with an aesthetic eye. Shopping is not just buying stuff within a budget, but it has to be in good quality and in good condition.

I wish someday, this dream would be more profitable and enjoyable.