My daughter has tried different formula milk since birth and as far as I remembered, when she was a new born, her pediatrician told us to give her NAN1. Since she had no allergies, we opted to change it to S26, then after six months, to Promil Gold.

When she turned one, we considered a cheaper formula milk in the market, it happens to be the Lactum Vitaminized formula milk. Unfortunately, she drastically lost her appetite. I am aware that choosing formula milk is like choosing contraceptive pills and shampoo, it’s “HIYANGAN”.

After one month of observation, nothing has changed. She had maximum of three bottles for the whole day and two bottles overnight. She doesn’t like to eat rice, in short she suddenly turned “PIHIKAN”. Her nanny told me “ate, pihikan na si Andi, parang di siya hiyang sa gatas niya ngayon”, my father told me the same sentiment as well “anak, masyado matamis pala yang gatas niya ngayon, tinikman ko”.

Since I’m not the one who buys milk for Andi, I asked my husband if we could find other options, and thank God because he responded so quickly. Now she’s drinking Nido Jr. Prebio-1 Protectus.

We are glad that recently she has an average of four bottles in a day, five bottles overnight and her appetite seems back to normal.

Just bear in mind that “less carbohydrates less sugar”!