Lately, I have been looking for Colgate toothpaste in SM supermarket, but for some unknown reason, I couldn’t find it.

Since then, I started to try other toothpaste brands such as Close-up and Happy.

Last night, I spotted a discounted Pepsodent toothpaste on the rack, I knew this brand because of their pearl commercial with kids saying “we can fix it”.

In my surprise, the tiny tube is like the price of other brands in a sachet form. In short, this new toothpaste promised the same amount of freshness yet budget-friendly.

Key facts:

Pepsodent is a product of Uniliver

Pepsodent is the leading brand in most Asian Countries with Indonesia and India as the biggest market.

In 2005 Pepsodent is the only one of the toothpaste brand that recognized by FDI, World Dental Federation in addition to local dentist association (PDGI).