I’m using the latest range from Neutrogena, the Fine Fairness and here are my initial reviews for the toner and cleanser.


I am not a fan of any toner, but I guess this one seems works for me. Fortunate enough that I do not feel any sting while applying the Fine Fairness Toner, it is hydrating, not sticky and it makes my skin feels ultra smooth and supple.

The only downside of this product that I can think as of now is the scent, this one is not fragrance-free, which is not favorable for those who have very sensitive skin.


I use any available facial wash or soap, I’m not that picky and high maintenance. That is why I appreciate the natural moisture and the cleansing power of Fine Fairness Cleanser.

In addition, this rich and creamy facial cleanser provides lightening effect and improves fairness and translucence of skin without stripping skin’s natural moisture. This one is not fragrance-free too, but the scent is not that pungent. In fact, I love it.

I will post updates about Fine Fairness Cleanser and Toner, but as of today this is what I can share to you. Thanks.