I won a 5000 worth of SM GC from the latest blogging contest of SM Department Store. I am so glad and excited, even though I waited for like two months to claim the GC, I don’t care.

Finally, I claimed the prize and I’m so happy that it’s not the typical paper gift certificates that I have used before, it’s more like debit card that needs to be activated by the cashier. What I have here right now are five pieces of 1000 SM Gift Card. It’s cute though.

1000 SM Gift Card x 5

But it was just unfortunate and annoying when I gave it to the cashier and she told me that they can’t process it as of the moment. They said that it’s offline. I went back after several hours and they still couldn’t process my transactions. Life sucks, maybe today is not my day or shall I say, it’s better if it’s the old paper gcs na lang… lol. I’ll try my luck tomorrow, wish me luck dear readers! AJA!

I love SM Department Store, Super, Thanks for these GCs 😀