In 2008, Ara Charissa Sam and Michiko Halili started a laptop bag business. They called it Technochic ( and tapped online as the main medium to house their designs. They even did a survey before finalizing the bag to make sure it has competitive advantage. Final output took into consideration details that typical laptop bag manufacturers often take for granted.

Stylish fittings and self-healing zippers. It has an ultra chic feel with its luxurious satin interior and elegant quilted MicroFiber exterior Even if you shove everything inside the bag – it still looks organized with its numerous compartments – – for cellphones, ipods, usbs, laptop chargers and documents! There’s even a key tether for your car keys! That happened during the digital selling boom – the timing was right. Now, Technochic items can be purchased in Rockwell, Galleria and Eastwood.

Last month, they ventured into clothes. It’s a new animal but its a risk worth taking. A new brand name was launched – BELTZA. It is conveniently located at 50th Avenue, Robinson’s Galleria. It has just been a month into their newest business venture, and yet the two already feel that they’re making a difference. Comments from clients that BELTZA’s prices are affordable without sacrificing workmanship and style makes it all worthwhile. Together with their pool of sewers, Ara and Michiko make sure every piece is given the proper attention to attain our high standard of quality.

BELTZA, by the way, is BLACK in Basque, the ancestral language of people who inhabit the Basque Country, a region spanning an area in northeastern Spain and southwestern France.

Reason for this is their clothes are mostly black, dark blue, beige, gray and white.


Technochic Laptop Bags are currently available in:
Graxie, Archeology, Rockwell
Beltza, 50th Ave, Robinson’s Galleria
Stylelab, New Eastwood Mall
Prices: 10”-12” Laptop Bags (Small) PRICE: PHP1250 only
13”-15” Laptop Bags (Small) PRICE: PHP1350 only

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