Hey, ladies, I know that there are inevitable times of the month, our monthly period.

Most of the time, it’s the main reason why we hate beach or pool outing specially when  it falls on that particular  date.

Hassle isn’t it? I mean period is simply kill joy!

But wait, period shouldn’t stop us from having fun, there’s tampon right?

Yes, tampons!

10 Pcs Tampons by Tampax

The idea of using tampon is pretty weird for those conservatives. But if you want a powerful leak guard protection during the time of the month, tampon is the right pick.

I personally recommend this to anyone who doesn’t want to be stopped by menstruation in doing some outdoor activities like swimming.

By the way, tampon is safe, comfortable, and leak-free, just use it right. Do not use it for long hours to avoid TSS.

I used it and this Tampax tampon is a must have on our first aid kit when going out of town.

How to use tampons? Here is the link TAMPAX TAMPON