With the use of modern technology, shopping made easy. You can shop online like you’re in a department store – just browse, add to cart and confirm your payment. However, it isn’t easy when you’re shopping clothes online, particularly when buying skirts. It’s difficult because you won’t be able to touch, feel and fit it.

Here are some guides for petite women when buying skirts online.

Know your body shape

It’s important to be particular with your body, knowing what you need to hide and highlight. Are you blessed with nice behind? Are your legs too skinny or perfectly curved? Do you have fuller or slim hips?

Pick the right prints and details

Petite women should always look for skirts that can create the illusion of longer legs. Try to avoid large prints, just stick to simple skirts with minimal details.

Select the exact size and length


Zalora - Skirt 1

Size may vary depending from which country your skirts were made. You have to save a copy of the size chart. There are plenty of charts on the Internet. Avoid skirts that fall at mid-calf, as they will make your legs look short. Ankle-length skirts can be flattering for petite women as it gives the illusion of being slender and taller.

Wear high heels

To perfectly formulate the illusion of a taller you, try wearing heels. Two to three inches are enough to elevate your height.

Dress for the occasion

Some occasions required appropriate clothing. Black pencil cut skirts are not suitable for the beach, while denim skirts aren’t appropriate for corporate events. You must know the occasion to avoid being under or overly dressed.