Ever since I became a weekend-mom, travelling is really inevitable. Too bad I have to bear five long hours before I got home every Friday and Sunday night. For two years that I’ve been going back and fort to the city, my only bent is to have a soothing massage every Saturday. It has been two years since I get addicted to massage. I’m into home service, but sadly my masseur left and decided to go back in a SPA.

Nevertheless, I’m still favored that my maid is blessed with firm, but tender hands. Now, I can have relaxing massage anytime.

At this moment, I’m using Lavender Spa Essentials from Watson’s. This massage oil (100 ml) can last for three months (well, it’s still depends on how you use it). With a blend of Lavender, Cedarwood Himalayan, Grape seed, and other essential oils, it can relax mind and body and have a good night sleep.