Digital signage has evolved throughout the years, from a simple electronic one-way communication tool to a digital interactive medium. Many marketers find it as an effective communication tool to advertise, inform and engage at a definite time and place. These digital displays are common in retail establishments, hotel lobbies, airport waiting areas and more. It does not only provides information, but also prompt viewers to take action. Bear in mind that today’s customers, the Millennials, are far more likely to respond to eye-catching, interactive displays than old-fashioned posters and leaflets.IMG_5824.JPG

Increasingly, companies are adopting digital signage to improve their business performance. According to the report of the Grand View Research, the global digital signage market is expected to reach USD 20.03 billion by 2020, which will expected to grow particularly in retail and healthcare industries.

Find out what digital signage can do for your business:

  • This technology allows marketers to create attention-grabbing displays.
  • Content can be updated easily with little to no additional cost – no more printing or pasting required.
  • With this medium, marketers can easily convey a consistent brand message to their target audience, creating a strong brand awareness.
  • Interactive digital signage enables viewers to engage on brand’s social media campaigns.
  • It also offers mobility, such as Quick Response (QR) codes, wherein consumers can scan a code from a screen to download a specific content.

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