Recently I met the brilliant man behind Beehive Digital, the expert for 3D Animation and Architectural Company that operates in the Philippines.

Beehive Digital Logo

He shared their humble beginnings as a company, the Hive emerges as an animation studio which aims to elevate the art of animation to a higher level. Beehive Digital make every effort to present reality by producing the most beautiful, most creative, most engaging 3d animations capable of exuding the vibrancy of life that most people hope to see.

They are team of highly-skilled individuals, who share the love for amusing conceptualization and stylish animation, is keen on exerting a collaborative effort to render animation services of the highest quality.

In their skillful hands, Beehive Digital guarantees that every artwork is an infusion of the rare elements of ingenuity and chemistry, delicately embroidered to suit your discerning taste.

They are the 3D company behind the

3D animated Video of Miggy the Moose’ “Part of Your Day”…..