I am pretty sure that most of us have experienced recognizing a specific fragrance and associating it to a certain brand. Perhaps the aroma of brewed coffee can be associated with Starbucks, or a eucalyptus scent to a spa. There are several business establishments today  that use a particular scent to enhance its customer experience.  These businesses employ the scent marketing.

Custom scents are the new exemplar of sensory branding. Scent marketing helps to define an ambience and also a powerful tool for improving brand recognition. Customers may stay longer, enjoy their visit, and perchance make a purchase. Our sense of smell acts as an emotional switch, which marketers can influence. By diffusing signature scents, the sense of smell evokes memories and leave their mark on the customers.

Whenever I pass Greenbelt 3, I could not resist to visit Top Shop due to its store signature scents, although I’m not so sure if the said store is using that technology. Some of the business establishments that using scent technology are the Power Mac Greenbelt, Taal Vista, The Bellevue Manila, Raffles and Fairmont hotels.

Power Mac

WAV Atmospherics Branding Philippines is the pioneer and the biggest provider of this service in the country. WAV designs and creates exclusive scents for stores, establishments and hotels, even for some events. WAV uses unique ingredients, which is highly abundant in Asia like Ylang-ylang and lemongrass. The company also ensures that its aromatic oils meet EU health standards and are duly certified by the International Fragrance Association. WAV Atmospherics uses a very safe, high-tech diffusion system that leaves no residue, allowing the scented oil particles to evaporate efficiently and generously.

To know more about the Scent Marketing, you can visit WAV Atmospheric Branding Philippines website or visit its office at the address below:

Unit 4D 4/F Vernida 1

120 Amorsolo Street, Legaspi Village

Makati City, 1229


Telephone Numbers:

(+632) 519-0001, 519-0205,

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