What is Colic?

Colic is inconsolable crying in a healthy newborn baby with bouts of fussiness and irritability. The condition has no known cause but is harmless, although it can be very distressing for parents or carers. It’s very common, affecting up to two out of every 10 babies.

Source: http://hcd2.bupa.co.uk/fact_sheets/html/infant_colic.html

The first sign of colic is the intense crying that may extend for like hours. Babies can’t sleep because of the abdominal pain discomfort. Even though there’s no exact explanation yet about colic, there are some effective ways to treat or to minimize the pain.

One of these is the application of what so-called “Aciete De Manzanilla,” not sure if pedias would recommend this practice, but most of my colleagues said “Aciete De Manzanilla pag kinakabag” “wag mo iiwanan lage dapat nasa diaper bag”. And yes, I noticed that it gave soothing effect to my little baby.

Andy’s pedia advised as to feed our baby properly, let her burp after feeding.