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Reproductive Health Bill and Artificial Contraceptives | Philippines

This RH Bill is a very hot issue of today which involves two powerful institutions, our Government and the Catholic Church. Our Government with the support of Pnoy is pushing the RH Bill for the sake of helping less-fortunate segment of our society. The Reproductive Health Bill will let couple (husband and wife) choose the […]

My Thoughts about Pregnancy and Abortion

I can’t believe that for two consecutive weeks, my morning source of news feeds me updates about abandoned babies and aborted fetuses. My dosage of debauched news every day makes me feel terribly sad. Why there are irresponsible parents existing here on earth, oh why? I’m not self-righteous bitch, but I really condemn this act. […]

Cost of Giving Birth in Makati Medical Center

My previous post about Maternity Package of MMC is now officially obsolete. I received another comment and she told me that the package for Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery is P57000.00 while the Caesarian Delivery is now P82000.00. During my time it was only P47000.00, the package doesn’t include other medications and prolonged professional fees. Sigh* Cost […]

Oral Contraceptives | Trust Pill

You must consult your OB-Gyne before taking any contraceptive pills.