Advocacy – Restoration/Replacement of St. Mark's Cathedral's Bells

“Kampanya para sa Kampana”

Kelan nyo huling narinig ang masayang batingaw ng ating kampana? Parang ang tagal na hane? Papaano ba naman eh isang kampana na laang po ang maayos na gumagana. Isang tono na laang ang ating naririnig malamang, kalembang na pang patay pa! Eh papaano naman ang masasayang araw kagaya ng Pasko, Kasal, Linggo ng Pagkabuhay?

St. Mark’s Cathedral’s Bells are old and one of them is broken and need for an immediate replacement. The 32″ medium bell cost roughly 400,000.00. Since it’s expensive, we also considered the restoration option of the church bell, but the fabricator discourage the idea, antiques are not meant to be repaired, baka masira lang lalo.

So, we decided to raise some funds for the replacement of the historical church bell of St. Mark’s Cathedral, in line with this, we are asking for your generosity and kindness.

Smallest Bell

Medium Size, the broken bell

We look forward to hearing the bells ringing tremendously before the start of SIMBANG GABI 2011.

For general inquiries on how to help, kindly contact these people:

Iona Establecida

Dra. Eliza Sarona-Utulo

Helen Buendicho

Shina Mutya-Combalicer

Donation can be sent thru: LBC, WESTERN UNION, SMART PADALA or you can give it directly to any of the listed names above.

Thank you so much!

For more information, kindly “like” KAMPANYAPARASAKAMPANA on FACEBOOK.

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