Let me share this one, from one of the most reliable communication and network providers during the height of typhoon ondoy.

The bayanihan spirit is widespread among Filipinos and in no way more evident than in times of crisis. The recent calamity inflicted by Tropical Storm Ondoy brought out the best in us. There were many who risked their lives to save others and who shared their resources with their stricken countrymen. Volunteerism prevailed.

Business entities were no exception as they quickly responded to calls for help either in cash or in kind. For its part, Sun Cellular provided continuous service proving to be very reliable in helping its subscribers stay connected even during the rising floods.

At the height of Tropical Storm Ondoy, Sun Cellular’s technical team made sure its network will remain reliable so calls and text messages could still be processed during a very crucial time. The use of the network’s radio frequency (OTA) enabled Sun to remain operational despite the floods. Aside from that Sun Cellular’s network is insulated by an extensive protection against calamities and typhoons. And during the onslaught of the storm Sun Cellular employees, whether from the customer service side, or network support side, remained on stand by to respond to any concern that may arise from the calamity.

To date Sun Cellular has the most advanced switches and base stations available in the world. Its network is provided by two of the best and biggest infrastructure companies in the world — Ericsson and Huawei, which both use the latest and most updated mobile network technology.

Many relied on their cellular phones to secure their families, their homes and their lives and Sun delivered as it proved to its subscribers that it is indeed a reliable partner. To date satisfied subscribers have expressed their gratitude to the network that never let them down, rain or shine. Indeed, Sun shone through the darkest clouds.

Sun Cellular deployed its people to help provide relief to the victims of Typhoon Ondoy’s wrath. Emergency assistance booths that provided important communications services were set up where Sun Cellular offered free voice calls that included Sun-to-Sun, Sun-to-other networks, Sun to any landline number in the Philippines as well as overseas calls. Cellphone charging was also offered free of charge to those whose batteries went low or had already gone dead due to constant use during the crisis.

Through this initiative, hundreds of people worried about their loved ones and those pleading for immediate assistance from relatives, were able to get their messages across, fast and clear through the Sun Cellular network. Sun indeed kept the nation connected.

The emergency assistance booths were set up in Manila, Cainta, and Marikina. Proven to be a reliable partner both in normal times and in times of emergency, Sun Cellular strives to provide its subscribers a network which they can depend on anytime, 24/7.

Sun continues to invest in its infrastructure to improve its capacity for better coverage, wider reach and seamless connection. With over 5,000 cell sites nationwide, Sun continues to expand and strengthen its partnerships with global telecommunications infrastructure companies to ensure that calls, texts, and data transfers are processed swiftly and efficiently.

With this, one can trust he has a reliable partner in Sun Cellular, come rain or shine. For more about Sun Cellular’s relief efforts for Typhoon Ondoy victims, please log on to www.suncellular.com.ph