You know what I’m talking about. And admit it too. Bad breath is one of the most common turn-offs and a no-no for those who have hygiene OC-ness. As one of those, (hand raised) I’ve been very conscious about how my mouth smells especially when the very first thing you do in the morning is when you of course, wake up and yawn.

I only use mouthwash at very occasional times or if I just feel like gargling to. And dental floss? Nah, I RARELY use it. But when I had my front teeth fixed with my dentist last year, I started to get really conscious big time!

So here’s what I do, aside from brushing thrice a day after meals; my night routine is always special. That’s when you spend your beauty time to the extreme?. After brushing your teeth with regular toothpaste (any brand) but I prefer Colgate Total, I then followed it with a floss and use toothbrush again, this time, with dropping a fair amount of Pearl Drops Daily Shine Tooth polish. It doesn’t give you mint-feel-like the toothpaste has, but it’s more of something the dentist puts in their cleaning. Can’t see the effect so far or it’s just my teeth have this natural enamel color.

And lastly is Oracare mouthwash. After all, my dentist recommends the brushing-flossing-mouthwash routine. Getting this habit makes you more confident in your talking and a good kissing too! ;p



If you can’t do this during your outdoor activities or like dining outside, you could always find alternatives like menthol gums (sugar free is preferred) available over the counters.

By lush_liz