It’s been a while since I started to lurk and mingle with some bloggers, and the common question they keep on asking me is, “what is your job, aside from being a blogger?” So I think it’s about time to blog my answer just in case people would ask about it again.

First and foremost, blogging is not my job, (oh my, I’m not a good writer), I am a full-time SEO or Search Engine Optimizer in a Corporate somewhere in Makati. At night I accommodate some freelance work such as SEO Campaign Management, Project Management, and other online related task. Basically, blogging is not and never been my source of income. I’m using my blog as a tool for some campaigns that I’m handling. It was fun when I got my first event invitation, I never thought there’s social life in the blogging world. From there, I started accepting blogger events’ invitations and I’m still enjoying meeting different bloggers and making friends.

Explaining to others how my job works and how to do it make me want to cry. It is easy for those who has technical background, but for the others, it’s not. I’m not also a copywriter, so please understand why I have this poor writing skills. Thanks!