Bodysuits are so in the trends these days, I’m very glad that one of our local clothing brands offer this stretchy-body-hugging tops that are perfect for corporate events.

Bodysuits are HUGE this 2010! Ensembles, a popular brand for Pinay career women for its mix and match corporate dressing, is proud to be the first local brand to carry a wide variety of bodysuits for that chic clean look.  Bodysuits work well with your favorite high waisted skirt or pants, just tuck in, snap at the crotch and Voila!….. What a neat crisp professional look throughout the day! Wear them during the week for those power meetings or on your weekend dates, you can wear them just about anywhere at anytime.

For this series, Ensembles features bodysuits in woven stretch poplin, both in classic shirt styles and those with dramatic collar treatments. For that comfort feel, Ensembles also offers bodysuits in knits, both tight-fitted and draped. Perfect with a crisp jacket or vest. Gone are the days of messy tuck-in’s and crumpled look at the end of the day. With bodysuits, you remain fresh and neat up to the time you hit those bars for a night out.

Ensembles’ bodysuits epitomize the brand’s signature understated look: stylish, flattering fit, explicit cuts and fresh palettes. Check out the entire bodysuit collection at