Just before the Christmas break, there’s news about recalled feeding bottles in the States with a number seven inside the recycled symbol at the bottom part of the bottle. I haven’t seen it on TV, it was my husband who relayed the news to me.

I am aware about the BPA thingy even before I gave birth, there were plenty of recalled feeding bottles in the US during that time. Now, I feel so stupid! My husband checked my daughter’s feeding bottles, and all of them has this scary number 7. All her feeding bottles are from Chicco. I didn’t realize that we’re feeding our little baby with non-BPA-free bottles that are dangerous according to studies.

I went to Chicco earlier today and asked about their BPA-free feeding bottles. The saleslady gracefully showed me some BPA-free items, but I kept on browsing and I found out that they’re still selling transparent feeding bottle (anti-colic feature) which is not BPA-free. I’m so disappointed!

In my disappointment, I visited several babies store in Greenbelt to canvass other BPA-Free brand, and finally I stepped inside the Enfant store. I noticed a medium signage “BPA-FREE Bottle”. I kept on browsing and found the one that I am looking for, a BPA-free feeding bottle for one year old and above. Each feeding bottle cost less than 200 pesos.

Before, I’m after the brand name since it’s famous, baka safe… eh hindi naman pala lahat, there are some affordable brands as well that won’t compromise the safety of our babies. I should visit other babies store more often!