Why I’m here in the local event industry proving myself? What are my experiences? Who influenced me? Why haven’t I pursued a career associated with my course?

So there, I’ll try to answer.

First thing, there’s nothing wrong if I’m an Advertising and PR graduate, but ended up as an “event slave”. This is a decent job and a high-demand industry, even at the local level. I mean, we serve just three towns – Real, Infanta and General Nakar Quezon. Some of my colleagues have entered the PULO cluster.

In terms of my experience in the event industry, I think my Wishcraft days have been very helpful. I’ve already been exposed to live events such as corporate parties, product launches, concerts and so on. I was an OJT at the time, and I used to work there even after our training. I had fun! I remembered getting paid 1000-1500 pesos for a tiring day or two. That 1000 pesos was a huge amount for a student in early 2000s.

During our AXN event
Axe Product Launching
Sunsilk Hair Talk

I have learned so many things from this company that I am applying today. One of those was my OC-ness in cable wires. It is not just an eyesore, but it can cause accidents.

Normally, I would prepare cue cards for our host, give cues to the assigned artists and set timelines. I supposed it was my foundation in planning and coordinating events. There is no place for an error in live events, therefore backups are vital. Contingency plan A, B and C. Hahaha…

I came to a point that I realized if I want to have a family, the live event industry is not for me, so I didn’t go any further. I applied for positions related to marketing, became SEO, which turned into a social media analyst, also tried writing and creating content. In fact, I even became an influencer. No, I’m not kidding. I used to be the blogger. So, from being behind a product launch, I’ve also known to get invited, enjoyed gifts and food at some Blogger events. It was fun though.

In my late 20s and early 30s, I can’t help but think of what it’s like to be Claudine Barretto, a wedding planner in Got to Believe. Also, how to plan an event similar to Nadine Lustre’s work in On the Wings of love. Likewise, I was curious about how to handle stressful situation just what Bea Alonzo did in A love to last as an event organizer. I guess it was a calling!

Fast-forward 2018, I started to offer simple backdrop decorations, event planning and coordination. I’m still around, man!

It was not an easy job, I guess I will less likely to quit this time. For me, I can find a work-life balance. I am free to work at my own pace, to accept or decline an event. Obviously, event life isn’t always cupcakes and rainbows. It’s harder than I thought it would be. I praise God for all the courage and patience He has given me. And for giving me co-workers who are reliable and trustworthy.

So maybe that’s why I don’t work as an Account Manager or maybe Media Buyer or PR Manager, because my purpose is to make the event beautifully.