Many young girls dream of having a memorable party on their 18th birthday. Here in the Philippines, 18th birthday is not just an ordinary birthday. It is the coming-of-age for young women to formally introduce to the society.

Photo by Yang Babas

It was carefully planned by the mother of the celebrant. All the nitty-gritty! It was such a big opportunity for Project Diyosa to execute a concept debut. My client wanted was a Euphoria themed-party, but not the typical kind with only balloons, foil curtains, disco balls and CDs. She never liked the idea of balloons.

I therefore sought a replacement. It was also a balloon, but a transparent kind and can be wrapped with fairy lights. I also made disco balls from scratch to save money. My client was amazed by the idea.

After all the challenges, we finally made it look classy euphoria themed party.

As of writing, this debut celebration is still one of my faves events I handled.

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Photos from Celebrations with Ctrl + A | Yang Babas