Last October 11, 2010 at A. Venue Hall in Makati City, Cherry Mobile officially launched their new baby the Red Label that has three models of Android Smartphone powered by Qualcomm.

The venue hall was full of media people from television, radio, publishing and even from the world wide web. The venue was so delectable-techno-android with all the lighting effects, metallic mimes and hologram presentations, indeed it was awesome.

One of the Android phones they had launches is the Nova, it is extensively equipped with a smartphone’s advanced and exciting widgets, Cherry Mobile’s Nova features a comparably larger 3.2” touchscreen and higher camera resolution of 5.0 megapixels with flash than other brands within the same price range. The WiFi-capable Nova meets the demands of young professionals, businessmen and the increasingly wired set of students who prefer to constantly keep in touch with friends online.

With a variety of useful mobile services such as Gmail, Maps and Marketplace and a multi-functional global positioning system (GPS), the Éclair-operated Nova is set to defy the bounds of affordable quality smartphone technology. Priced at only P11,490 make this smartphone too sensible a deal to pass up.

Nova Smartphone is beyond affordability, while their Magnum Smartphone is go beyond elegance.

Magnum is for those with distinctly stylish tastes, Cherry Mobile’s Magnum HD boasts of a sleek gun metal finish with a large 4.1” capacitive touchscreen that allows no-fuss and seamless navigation with a mere touch of a finger. Powered by Qualcomm’s 1GHz Processor, Magnum HD operates with unprecedented speed that empowers a faster working pace when opening, using and exiting applications.

More than exuding an aura of class and elegance, Magnum HD features Froyo 2.2. Users can enjoy endless hours of entertainment and functionality with USB tethering, WiFi capabilities, triband3G, and 5.0 megapixel cameras with flash. This must-have luxurious mobile gem is available for only P18,990.

Cherry Mobile had launches the First Tablet Phone in the Philippines. The Superion, which features the seemingly impossible fusion of mobile web tablet and mobile phone technology in a single stylish handset. Powered by Froyo 2.2, the mobile unit doubles as a USB 3G modem that allows users to connect their laptop to the Internet. It also serves as a WiFi hotspot device for other WiFi-capable devices to seamlessly connect to the Internet.

Browsing web pages, viewing pictures, watching streaming videos and reading e-books has never been easier with Superion’s sweeping 7-inch touchscreen interface. The multi-touch technology lets users’ fingers easily zoom in and out photos, websites and pages. With an expandable memory of 16GB, a 3 megapixel camera with autofocus at the back and a VGA camera in front, Superion is effectively a luxury mobile phone with the power of tablet technology, but priced at P19,990 per unit.

Truly, Superion is so beyond the usual, staying connected through the fusion of tablet and phone!

Cherry mobile has elevated from providing affordable dual SIM handsets, to providing high end phones with their Red Label Collection.