Cost of Giving Birth in Makati Medical Center

My previous post about Maternity Package of MMC is now officially obsolete. I received another comment and she told me that the package for Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery is P57000.00 while the Caesarian Delivery is now P82000.00. During my time it was only P47000.00, the package doesnโ€™t include other medications and prolonged professional fees.


Cost of giving birth nowadays is not a joke! Partners must save at least 100,000.00 to have a decent and comfortable birthing experience.

Last year when I gave birth in Makati Med, my bill went up to 60-65K. This total covered the package amount and the additional charges including professional fees and room rates.

My birthing experience in MMC was great! From the moment that I had bloody and watery discharge, they admitted me and immediately gave full attention.

Hospital nurses and Med Interns were very accommodating. I never felt like “I’m gonna die in a while…” I didnโ€™t feel unease, actually I never heard anyone screaming. It was like Iโ€™m inside of an adoration chapel.

Actually my room was semi-private only which part of the package. The semi-private room is a big room divided into three with one common comfort room, it’s more like room within a room. Every room has television and can accommodate five to ten visitors.

If I will get pregnant for the second time, I will still push to give birth in Makati Medical Center.

*Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of semi-private room :C


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