Child’s creativity develops during her/his toddler years, and it should be properly nurtured. Giving the best tools, proper guidance and motivations are just some of the factors that help to boost their creativity. I’m glad that Crayola did some invention of their products that actually makes sense nowadays.

Crayola has this TaDoodles Washable First Marks. This Crayola Beginnings markers has the right size and shape for a child’s first palm grasp, perfect for motor skills development.

My daughter has this Egg Shaped Markers and Painters, color pink, purple and yellow. Messy markers and paint trays are so gone these days. These colorful little egg shaped things are easy for toddlers to grasp and they don’t spill that much. With their unique design, First Marks won’t dry out and can be reactivated by simply dabbing them on a piece of paper several times.

These products of Crayola are non-toxic and washable, therefore, you don’t have to worry about marks left on your child’s clothing. No caps needed, and making storage is super easy as 123.

Thank you to Andi’s God Parent, Nancy from US.

Note: I’m not sure if these products are available here in PH already.