Every one is aware that breast cancer is still the number one killer until now. This reality is so alarming, although breast cancer is curable these days, still, a cancer is a cancer.

I personally recommend practicing self-breast examination after your monthly period. This is the best way to determine the early sign of breast cancer. As early as twenty years old you can perform self-breast examination without the help of health professionals. This activity is free and quick to do.

So how would you do it?

Check the whole breasts area up to your armpit, across your upper chest to your collarbone, and around the side of your chest. You must know what is normal for you. Feel for unusual lumps, bumps, thickenings or pain that hasn’t been there before. Use your three fingers, feel your breast with the help of lotion or soap, add some pressure and compare both breasts.

There are three patterns that you can use such as clock pattern, grid pattern and circle pattern. Select the most comfortable and convenient for you. You can do the BSE lying down or in a standing position since there are some lumps and bumps that are not recognizable in other position.

If you noticed some changes on your breast better visit your health care provider. Changes can be in size, shape, or skin of your breast. It is also important to report any new or unusual pain.

Photo source: topnews.in