Traditionally, cake is always present in every celebration and we really spent time discussing about the cake during our planning days, like: what should be the design, would it be okay if cupcake tower and fondant cake, if fondant cake, would it be easier to distribute during the event? There were plenty of questions just for the cake alone.

So we decided to make it cute na lang, instead of fondant we ordered 100 pieces of cupcakes, 50 of which were placed on the tower and the rest were spreaded in the table together with four other cakes with letters.

The four coated rounded cakes with letters were marble cakes. Based on our experience, chiffon cake is not delicious, halos di maubos. So we decided to make it more edible for the guests, although chiffon is a bit cheaper.

Glad that we did not push the fondant cake, aside for being pricey, it will be harder for us to distribute unlike cupcakes… and oooppss, kids love it too! 😀