Visiting Lucban will not complete without having a taste of their famous delicacies such as Longganisang Lucban, Pansit Habhab, and Broas.

I am a certified fanatic of Longganisang Lucban! The mixtures of garlic, sugar,  and meat are just fine for me. I just don’t like the smell, but this one really taste so good, perfect combination for sinangag na kanin, kape at itlog plus suka.

My father-in-law always bring pansit habhab as pasalubong whenever he went to Lucban, that’s why in every small occassion there’s always pansit habhab to offer. Tipid sa sahog, suka lang, sayote at konting karne, solve na!

But of course, one of the famous “bit-bit as pasalubong” is the Broas.