When I was young, oldies keep on telling me this: “explore your own place first before visiting other land”. Well they are absolutely right! I’ve been to different places and I have never thought that there are beautiful places in my own town.

I was born and raised in Infanta, Quezon, since I need to study in Manila, I left my town and moved to the city. I’m a city girl for almost 10 years and I can hardly visit my old town until I get married last 2009.

I’m proud to say that our beloved town is rich with natural resources and blessed with oceans, rivers, falls, mountains and other beautiful scenery. Although our place is not yet fully developed and the tourism is not as famous as the other town and provinces, there are places that I can proudly say “sa Infanta yan, maganda dyan”.

Last June 03, 2011, we had a chance to ride in a floating restaurant, but for me it’s more like floating cottage rather than a resto since we are not obliged to buy foodie there. For almost P4000.00, we rented the floating restaurant for 12 hours. The ride will start at Brgy. Silangan and in a span of one and a half hours, the boat will stop at Dero. This is a secluded little Island facing Bgry. Dinahican. Since it is a secluded place, the water is so crystal clear, the sand is fine even if it is not white like in Boracay.

The floating resto will stay in Dero until 4PM, so you have all the day to eat, sing, drink, swim and to have photo op. You can contact them at this cellphone number: 0918-3298484 (I’m not sure if it is still active).

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