nutriganics and spanaticzSpanaticz

The chocoholic-chic-me really enjoyed my Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Mud Masque experience. I had once-in-a-blue-moon- me-moment, and since it’s rare, I’d make it up to the point that I  have a good time, a really good one.

So far, so good… I love the aroma, and it made me starving for a yummy, real and edible chocolate. But nevertheless, it’s a guilty-free-no-calorie treat for me and I love it.


Age is just a number, but when fine lines and wrinkles on your face are screaming, you must do something!

Taking care of your skin at the early age would really  help you to avoid fine lines and wrinkles when you get old. It doesn’t mean that at your early age you have to use anti-aging cream, so on and so fort. But the proper skin care is the only secret for a youthful skin. Moisturize it daily, wash it with soap or facial wash, do not expose your skin to the sun without sunscreen. These are the key to a younger looking skin.

You may also use organic cream, such as NUTRIGANICS – Smoothing day cream.  It is best if you want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and to revitalize your skin, making it smooth and soft. It has a gentle fragrant too.