Recently, I have been fascinated on how fashion and patriotism met. This is not impossible , since Pinoys are known for being clever, creative and patriotic.

When Francis M. died, most of his designed t-shirts were sold-out, here in Philippines and even abroad. There are some replicas that can be found in Divisoria, almost same design in a much cheaper price.

After Francis M., the entire Philippines mourned as well for the death of our beloved former President Cory Aquino. Yellow ribbon and map of the Philippines are the common design, which embroidered at the upper left part of each shirts, mostly yellow and black tees.

Young and old Pinoys became fanatics of tees embroidered with the Philippine map, ribbon, three stars with a sun and others. There are some fashionista’s paraphernalia emblazoned in patriotic print such as bags, caps, hankies and others.