Whenever I get bored from working or stressed out, I often prepare dessert for the family. Diverting from work mode to chef mode is easy as my working area is pretty near the kitchen.

Mango float is obviously my favorite! Some of my friends told me that I already mastered its recipe. I remember when I was in Makati, I always purchase Dizon’s Mango Float in Rustan’s Supermarket. It was pricey back then, not practical to be included on my lunch everyday, a small serving-full-of Nestle-cream with 3 slices of Mango for roughly 50 pesos.

When I moved back here in the province, I started to make my own version of Mango Float. For more or less 200 pesos, we can have a delicious Mango Float that could last for three days.

All I need are ripe mangoes, one can of condensed milk, two packs of Alaska Krema and Graham crackers.

Mix the milk and cream thoroughly and once the desire thickness is achieved, layer crackers then add slices of mangoes and pour the cream. Repeat the process until layers are near the edge of its container. Keep it inside the freezer for eight hours, then serve frozen or chilled. Chocolate syrup is optional when serving.