As a parent, my role is to hone my kid’s talent, as well as to support her activities related to it.

Learnpoint Kiddie School of Infanta held its annual “Festival of Talent” showcasing the talent of its students last March 10. I was glad that my daughter insisted to join the said festival. It was sort of a contest. There were competitions for singing and dancing. My little girl joined the singing contest.

Right after I learned that she decided to join, we started memorizing the lyrics of several Disney Frozen songs like “Let it go”, “Do you want to build the snowman” and “For the first time in forever”. I taught her the correct lyrics and pitch. It’s been a month of non-stop Frozen DVD marathon just for her to memorize the lyrics.

One of my close friends served as her mentor as I was expecting that our little girl won’t listen to me during the rehearsal. Her mentor also introduced us to the pianist and guitarist. I think we had 9 sessions prior to the big day. Nine tough days as my daughter wasn’t participating all the time.

Queen Elsa

To complete the Queen Elsa ensemble, I asked my mother to sew her gown. But finding the wig was very challenging as the Queen Elsa’s wig was not yet available at ToysRUs and Toy Kingdom. Fortunately, my cousin got a long blonde wig from Divisoria.

It was such a relieved when my daughter hit the first note. At 4 years old, she already sang in front of many people. And we were lucky and proud that she won the 1st place.